Air Mobility Command Advisory and Assistance Services (AMCAAS)

Points of Contact

Mick Williams
Phone: 618-624-6007
Fax: 937-490-4086
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kent Owsley
Phone: 937-490-4060
Fax: 937-490-4086
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Sawdey Solution Services, Inc.
Local Office: 1710 Corporate Crossing, Ste 4
O'Fallon, Il 62269

Task Orders

Contract Number: FA4452-11-D-0005

Task Orders Issued:

  • 0001 Conference, Briefing, Web Page Creation and Maintenance, HQ AMC/A7KQ
  • 0002 Analytical Support Services for Air Refueling Operations, HQ AMC/A3O
  • 0003 Subject Matter Expert Support for Distributed Mission Operations, HQ AMC/A3T
  • 0004 Joint Basing Common Output Level of Support Management, HQ AMC/A7P
  • 0005 Fuel Efficiency Business Process, Functional Management, Technical, and Analytical Program Support, AMC FEO
  • 0006 Mobility Air Forces Command and Control Campaign Plan, HQ AMC/A3CX
  • 0007 Financial Management Business Case Analysis Support, HQ AMC/FM 
  • 0008 Wing LAN Support , AMC/A6OI
  • 0009 Airlift Planning Technical and Admin Support, AMC TACC JOPES
  • 0010 IT SME Support, NAF AOC
  • 0011 A3D Combat Operations Division
  • 0012 A6CT Support for Mobile IT Initiatives
  • 0013 A6OI IT Engineering Support
  • 0014 AMC ARLO
  • 0015 AMC ITIPS
  • 0017 MAF C2 

Sawdey Solution Services, Inc. provides broad technical and analytical tools, to support and improve policy development, management and administration, and to improve the operation of systems. Sawdey Solution Services, Inc. complements the Government’s technical expertise in accomplishing its mission. Outputs may take the form of information, advice, opinions, alternatives, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, training and services to complement the Government’s technical expertise. Under no circumstances will any work under this contract and subsequent task orders be used to perform work of a policy, decision-making, or managerial nature that is the direct responsibility of agency officials. Sawdey Solution Services, Inc., is capable and ready for quick response to deadlines.

Sawdey Solution Services provides the follow services on AMCAAS:

  • Program Management
  • Administrative
  • Data Management
  • Financial Management
  • Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Research and Analysis


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