Supply Chain

Sawdey recognizes the critical nature of protecting and maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of government supply chains, particularly those of our military customers. Our resources support military logistics missions in all four military departments as well as the U. S. Coast Guard. In an era of aging military weapon systems and shrinking defense budgets, we have acquired and developed expertise to assist our customers in meeting difficult challenges such as increasing sustainment costs, diminishing suppliers, and spares shortages. Our experienced professionals understand the importance of integrating supply chain and sustainment considerations into research & development, acquisition, and procurement activities as a means of providing better support to the warfighter and reducing overall sustainment costs. We also help our customers gain better visibility into and gather valuable data from their supply chains by applying our expertise in Automatic Identification Technologies (AIT) including Item Unique Identification (IUID).

The detailed support Sawdey is capable to provide customers includes specialized activities such as managing distribution/logistical operations, synchronizing operations of material, supply and movement for logistical and sustainment operations.  We bring experience in the development and implementation of policies and procedures concerning distribution operations for all Classes of Supply and our knowledge of tools and systems such as Worldwide Port System (WPS)/Munitions Transportation System (MTMS).  We work hand-in-hand with our customers to support requirements for standard, non-standard, and irregularly produced data output and analysis, such as, but not limited to: Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A), Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) Performance Metrics, Authorized Stockage List (ASL) Management, Receipt Operations, Requisition Processing, Demand Accommodation and Satisfaction, Critical Item Stock Status across the theater, ASL Stock Status and Critical ASL Stock Status for key Supply Support Activities (SSA), and Summarized Statistics on key SSAs.  We understand and bring expertise in procedures such as oversight of materials being packed and shipped by subordinate units to ensure proper procedures are being met; proper completion of DD Form 1348-1A (Issue and Release Receipt Document); coordination of Transportation Movement Reports (TMR); and proper completion of DD Form 1149 (Requisition and Invoice/ Shipping Document).